Generations: My Grandparents

Generations, Cover 2013
Generations, Cover 2013

Over the past 10 years, I’ve been writing a book on my maternal grandparents and their ancestors.  I thought I finished it in 2012, but after reviewing the proof ordered from, revisions were definitely needed. After reworking some material, I’m finally done!

The book began as a labor of love for my grandmother since family history was extremely important to her. Unfortunately, Grandma died before she saw the finished product.  When I showed it to her, I had completed approximately 40 to 50 pages.  The finished book is 219 pages.

I’ve spent more than a thousand hours working on this book in my spare time. Researching, writing, designing, layout, graphic creation, image scanning, photography, etc…, it all takes an amazing amount of time and energy.

I’m sharing a few pages from the chapter about my grandparents, my grandfather’s first wife, and the children from both marriages.

 Generations, pages 14 – 31


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